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Are you a fan of combat sports, eager to immerse yourself in an evening filled with thrills and high energy? An authentically immersive Muay Thai experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Bangla Boxing Stadium. Located in the heart of the lively Patong area in Phuket, securing your exhilarating night is just a simple booking away. Select from Ringside and Stadium tickets priced at 2000 and 1600 Thai Baht. Feel free to reach out to us on WhatsApp or book directly through this page.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai, recognized as Thailand’s national sport, finds a prominent stage at the Bangla Boxing Stadium, one of Phuket’s largest Thai boxing arenas. Strategically situated in the heart of the renowned Patong travel destination, behind the JungCeylon shopping center and across from the Banzaan fresh market, the location allows for early arrivals with plenty of nearby activities.

What to Expect at Bangla Boxing Stadium

Bangla Boxing Stadium stands out as a prominent two-story structure Muay Thai arena. The first floor features four beer bars with hostesses followed by an amphitheater-style seating surrounding the boxing ring on the second floor.

Prepare to witness adept and committed Thai Boxing practitioners from across the globe converge at this cutting-edge stadium to showcase their training and compete in riveting matches. The experience is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat as you immerse yourself in the rhythmic drumming, the spirited chants of the crowd, and the resonating sounds of athletes executing their precise attacks. It’s an unforgettable spectacle that you won’t want to miss!

Both male and female Muay Thai fighters exhibit remarkable skills and strength, challenging the misconception that this martial art is solely a male-dominated sport. Thai female fighters, in particular, have proven their prowess in the ring. Some have even ventured into professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Witness as they showcase their talents, engaging in thrilling confrontations that captivate audiences and showcase the true diversity and skill within the world of Muay Thai.

While gambling is technically prohibited countrywide, an exception is made for registered Muay arenas and bookies. Locally referred to as “darm pan”, betting is widely common and adds to the emotions of the fans. Do bet responsibly however.

If either having a buzz in a rowdy crowd with an ice cold alcoholic beverage of your choice is your thing or not, there will be hostesses stationed throughout the venue ready to serve and cater to your preferences.

Getting to Bangla Boxing Stadium

To reach Bangla Boxing Stadium, begin by crossing the main road onto Soi Sansabai. Walk along Soi Sansabai until you reach the end of the street. Once you reach the end, turn right. The stadium is conveniently located behind Jungceylon Shopping Center. If you approach from the backside of Jungceylon (opposite the sea-facing side), you will spot it right across from Banzaan Fresh Market and adjacent to the Tiger Bar, which features a striking giant tiger statue. This popular location attracts a majority of foreign visitors and is well-suited for tours.

Transportation to the stadium is effortless and convenient, with the option to use taxis or tuk-tuks. Additionally, at the front of the stadium, a large tiger statue stands tall, capturing attention. For those staying in Patong, some hotels offer shuttle services to the stadium for added convenience